Saturday, October 21, 2006

Local Imams' Council Agrees that Ramadan 1427 is Thirty Days

Bismillah al-hamdu li-llah wa-salatu wa-s-salamu `ala rasuli llah.

Al-salamu `alaykum.

The Massachusetts Imams Council meet today at 4pm and agreed that in the absence of reports of shari`a-acceptable sightings of the crescent moon of Shawwal anywhere on earth, tomorrow (Sunday October 22, 2006) will be the 30th of Ramadan (30 Ramadan 1427) and Id al-Fitr will be Monday (October 23, 2007 = 1 Shawwal 1427).

May Allah accept our fasting, prayer, sadaqat and other good deeds; have mercy on us; forgive us and magnify our reward.

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